gone fishing

tiny-fishing-shackI had gone on a bike ride along the islands close to the town that I grew up in. I ended up in a cute neighborhood of tiny houses literally sitting on the marsh. It reminded me of a boathouse community — all the houses are small and most are connected by docks. Most of the houses are very old and were built around the same time the railroad ran through the area. All are very beautifully weathered and unfortunately some are in disrepair. There was one house in particular that caught my attention. It was so so tiny. It had cedar siding that most try and replicate today, a dock, a porch and a tiny shed. I pictured the inside being much like a boat — very practical and having a place for everything and mostly filled with fishing and crabbing gear, old newspapers, tide schedules and maybe an old cat. I try and imagine the folks that would have called this little house their home and I see someone that looks a lot like my grandfather. Maybe because when I was little we spent so much time crabbing and fishing along those waterways and maybe because I think that he would have really liked to have owned one of these houses.

I have started a photo series of these houses and their neighborhoods. I find the ones that are in disrepair to be the most beautiful and interesting. These are the ones that tell a story. Stay tuned for my ongoing series.


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