“stand by me” moments

"Stand by me" moments

This year I want to eat blueberry pie everyday so I can be reminded of our trip to Maine. So I remember to create moments like these everyday — just one moment everyday — of innocence, freedom, peace, happiness, fun.








Blueberry pie
As I write this, it’s the first week of 2013 — windy and cold. We are eating blueberry pie and ice cream and reminiscing about our trip to Maine that we took last summer. My friend made the best blueberry pie while we were there. I had asked her for the recipe — she said, “oh that’s easy, it’s just on the back of the pie crust box.” I couldn’t find a recipe on any of the pie crust boxes but I did find a pretty good one in one of my cookbooks. My pies weren’t nearly as good or as pretty — maybe because I am not the best baker or because we had to use frozen blueberries and not the freshly-picked-day-before blueberries! They were still delicious and for a small moment brought us back to the cabin on the lake with good friends. Here’s to blueberry pie, good friends and a happy new year!





I am thinking that this might be good blueberry pie recipe as well as this one.
Next time, I will make the crust!

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