Meet our new friends


We have been a busy bunch — we have had a few weeks of everyone in our house being sick with everything under the sun; we have had birthdays; we have had work, school, sports, tutor, picture taking, fun, cooking and lots of eating. Along the way we have made a few new friends.

Meet: Mr. Green Jeans, Coco with her friend, Sparks, Scrambled, Bella, Della, Ella, or  Stella, and the master of all chicks- Marie with Sparks.

1. Black Australorp Rooster  2. Black Copper Maran hen and Exchequer in the background (pronounced X checker, after a black and white Scottish table cloth -used to count money)  3. Araucana hen  4. Americana/Easter Egger  5. Delaware   6. Araucana hen

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