Thank you peonies


The peonies from our garden have come and gone and so far are one of my favorite little garden surprises this year. I don’t really remember them from last year when we moved in probably because we were knee deep in demo and moving that I don’t really remember much about the yard except that there were a lot of flowers.



Everything in our garden seems to be moving along so quickly that I am having a hard time keeping up with cataloging everything not to mention keeping up with the garden in general. It’s so fun and crazy. It’s almost refreshing to let it all just go wild and out of control. There are sometimes when I am not sure what is actually a weed and what should actually stay. Usually I will just let something grow and if I think it might look good in a vase on our mantel, I will do some “weeding”. Slowly, we are finding out what is what. I like some of the weeds maybe I will keep them — I am sure they will come back.


As for the peonies.
Just thank you for being so darn beautiful
and for smelling so darn good.
Until next time.


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