How does our garden grow


At the moment, our garden grows out of control. Mainly because we don’t know what the heck we are doing. Flowers, plants, weeds and tree seedlings pop up overnight. Tulips are spread all over the place but as single tulips not as groups. Plants that I have no clue what they are are randomly placed throughout the yard. We have a tree that we call the Dr. Seuss tree and several others that are great climbing trees. There is a fruit tree and some herbs. We had several varieties daffodils and now several varieties of hostas. Up until last fall, there were bushes all clustered in the middle of the yard – it was like a maze. There are hoses buried everywhere that appear to have been some form of homemade irrigation system and there was buried plastic everywhere – which think we have finally removed. We have mounds of dirt in random spots and once I saw a fox.





I have to mention that we don’t have a big yard and how the old owners have fit all of this in the yard is impressive. I am not one for really perfectly manicured yards and that our garden is not! In it’s heyday I am sure it was a beauty.



I would love to become a gardener. So here it goes, my attempt at becoming a gardener — I am going to begin cataloging every flower, plant, tree, weed you name it that we have. Hopefully this way I can create some form of organized chaos. Maybe by next year, we will even have vegetables.

Happy Spring and happy gardening.

This is just a guess as to what type of tulips these are because holy smokes there are a lot of tulips out there. If anyone knows what they are, please share!
1. Queen of Night Tulip
2. Darwin Hybrid Tulip
3. Darwin Hybrid Tulip

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