Challenge Program


A client of mine, the Challenge Program, located on the banks of the Christina River in Delaware, started off as a boat-building program and evolved into a construction training program for out-of-school youth ages 18–21. It’s an amazing program that produces a lot of impressive works, including their new state-of-the-art green facility (they’re aiming for LEED Gold certification). The new building includes classrooms, offices, conference & shop space, and a computer room — not to mention a green roof, geothermal heat, solar panels and recycled building materials. The trainees have been involved throughout the building process and will be trained as a “green workforce.” Congrats to the Challenge Program and everyone involved for creating such an important program and for your soon-to-be completed headquarters.


restoring windows




1. Rain screen siding panels made from pickle barrels at the Vlasic pickle plant in Millsboro, DE    2. Classroom and Shop space    3. Trainee working    4–5. Window restoration project    6. More siding    7. Moisture barrier

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